Analysis and Preparation for Supervisory Boards

Annual Closing

The supervisory board has a legal obligation to review the company’s annual financial statements. We assist you by providing a thorough analysis and annotated summary to help fulfill this responsibility to the best of your ability.

The annual financial statement of a company can vary in size and complexity depending on its size. This document reveals the company’s financial standing and whether it was successful in the covered fiscal year. However, for those who are not deeply entrenched in the accounting world, understanding the details behind the numerical aspects of the annual financial statement isn’t always straightforward at first glance. Interpreting it requires a high degree of expertise and experience.

This in-depth expertise is necessary, for instance, when dealing with aspects beyond the legally mandated disclosure of the annual surplus or deficit for the reporting and preceding years. A thorough analysis provides an opportunity to adequately comment on the course of business and comprehensibly elucidate the connections.

Clear Summary for Informed Decisions

The experts at EWR Consulting analyze the financial statements of co-determined companies with the aim of presenting the data to the supervisory board in a comprehensible summary. This involves a qualitative processing, where we focus on the essential contents that have influenced the balance sheet (financial and earnings position). In this way, we empower supervisory board members to engage in constructive discussions during board meetings and ensure that financial decisions are made in the best interest of the company, employees, and other stakeholders.

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