Finding Appropriate Solutions


Restructuring – a term that often signifies significant changes in the workplace. For works councils, it is immensely important to comprehensively support employees during this period and to implement meaningful measures to improve the situation.

Incorporating workplace representatives at an early stage

For employees, restructuring processes often entail challenging times marked by uncertainties, emotional stress, and fear of job loss. Therefore, it’s crucial that all affected individuals and workplace representatives are involved in the restructuring initiative at an early stage.

We provide comprehensive support to employee representatives in advocating for their interests and ensuring the rights of employees are preserved. In cases of any type of operational changes – be it the closure or shutdown of a site, potential workforce reduction, or other organizational shifts – EWR Consulting is here to offer guidance. Our experts advise, accompany, and facilitate discussions on topics such as social plans, negotiations for balancing interests, and company agreements.

We develop alternatives and accompany negotiations.

In a first step, our consultants gather the necessary information to discuss the current situation together with the employee side. In a second step, the focus is on plausibility checks of the assumptions and premises that have led the company to initiate the restructuring. If desired and appropriate, we accompany the negotiations and develop key performance indicators for regular monitoring of the status of the restructuring. Coaching the individuals involved in the process is particularly important in this regard. Together with you, we develop alternatives to the employer’s proposals and measures, aiming for a significant improvement over the original situation.

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