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Economic Committee

The works council’s economic committee is an integral part of its work. Our goal is to provide long-term support to the economic committee and convey the essential competencies required for its work.

A central task in collaborating with the economic committee, from our perspective, is to identify economic interdependencies early on and anticipate decisions derived from them within the company. This enables the works council to act adequately prepared based on this foundation.

The successful work of the economic committee relies on a well-founded approach. To achieve this, understanding the annual planning along with its underlying assumptions and premises is crucial. With this basis, economic decisions and developments can be appropriately assessed, and potential risks can be identified in a timely manner. Through robust planning foundations, EWR Consulting can provide comprehensive information and advice to the works council, enabling them to fulfill their role effectively.

Aligning Strategy and Goals

Another crucial step involves aligning the strategy of the works council with the company’s planning. This alignment enables the best possible representation of the interests of employees. We collaborate closely with other committees to ensure that the works council’s strategy is in harmony with the company’s objectives. Implementation can be challenging at times, as it requires the employer’s side to recognize the value of close collaboration. Such cooperation demonstrably offers benefits for all parties involved. Especially in larger companies with several hundred employees, professional guidance for the work of the economic committee is advisable.

Achieving Better Results through Good Preparation

We aim to provide you with the best possible support in your work within the economic committee. With our extensive experience and profound expertise, we are capable of effectively guiding committee activities and efficiently managing meetings, including necessary preparations and follow-ups. This leads to a significantly enhanced presence in economic committee sessions vis-à-vis the employer and facilitates improved outcomes. Together, we work towards representing the economic interests of employees and proactively supporting the works council in light of both internal and external economic developments.

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