Keeping an Eye on the Economic Situation


Economic opinions are essential for making informed decisions regarding the future of a company. We provide employee representations with comprehensive advice on the assets, finances, and earnings situation of their company.

Taking a clear stance is not only important in personal matters: Especially in the work context, statements are crucial, particularly for works councils and labor unions. Economic statements are a central tool to assess the financial situation and future prospects of a company. As employee consultants at EWR Consulting, we adopt an independent and objective perspective to keep the interests of the employees in focus.

Identifying Opportunities and Risks Early

Within the context of economic statements, our experts analyze the company’s assets, financial, and earnings situation. We consider both past data and forecasts for the future. We assess whether the company is financially stable and capable of fulfilling its obligations to employees in the long term. This involves considering factors such as revenue development, profits, liabilities, liquidity, and investments. We also analyze the company’s strategic direction to proactively identify potential risks or opportunities for employees. The statements also clearly outline the necessary investments, their amounts, purposes, and any additional planned financial measures.

Providing a Solid Understanding of the Economic Situation

Our economic statements are designed to provide the company’s interest representatives with a comprehensive understanding of the financial situation. Based on this foundation, they can make informed decisions. Our responsibilities also include what we call “review discussions.” These discussions create maximum transparency and security for works councils after conducting further detailed examinations of the economic conditions.

Evaluating and Interpreting Key Figures

If you, as employee representation, have questions about your company’s economic situation or need assistance in evaluating and interpreting business-related key figures, our employee advisory service is here to help. Our experts assist you in understanding the economic connections and in safeguarding your rights and claims regarding the company’s future.

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