Shaping Change


Transformation processes bring about uncertainties for employees. We provide advice, guidance, and training for works council representatives in change processes, ensuring that their interests are best considered through strategic solutions.

“Nothing is as constant as change.” Change, transformation, and adaptation – these words are not always associated with positive experiences. Understandably so – after all, transformation, especially in the professional context, often has far-reaching consequences.

Whether the transformation involves aspects of New Work, digitalization (referred to as Work 4.0), the development of new products and services, or changes to business models – our employee consultation is here to assist you if you are affected by a transformation or concerned about potential changes to your working conditions.

Shaping Transformation Processes

It is important that employees are informed early about changes and are involved in the process of transformation. We assist works councils and labor-related organizations in preparing for and actively participating in these changes. We inform them about their options and rights, and support them in advocating for their interests. Our consultants also provide information about opportunities for professional development.

At EWR Consulting, we approach this from a business perspective and develop tailored strategies for each field of action. We also advise the works council and analyze whether the investments made and planned offer more opportunities or risks. What steps give the company the necessary advantage in the transformation process? We always consider the right cost-benefit ratio and economic conditions in this regard.

Addressing the Future Orientation in a Timely Manner

We assist company representatives in proactively considering the future direction of a company, preventing them from being caught off guard by market trends. For instance, if a company’s product is no longer viable, the following questions arise: Can the product be adapted to new conditions? How can sustainable innovations be fostered? Will new products be introduced? How can employees be trained to secure their positions in the transformed company?

All of our consultants at EWR Consulting possess extensive professional experience, expertise, and negotiation skills. This allows us to rationalize even complex processes and ensure project success. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the stability of locations and employment while ensuring employees’ participation in the company’s economic success.

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