Coloring and Workbook for Cycling Training Helps Safely Navigate Through Traffic

EWR supports the initiative!

How should I behave correctly in traffic? In order to teach children safe behavior with their bicycles, the traffic watch/youth traffic school regularly conducts cycling training with primary school students. To deepen this, the K&L publishing house, together with the traffic watch Frankfurt am Main e.V., has published a new child-friendly coloring and workbook with digital content and a learning success control. We think: This is a good thing! That’s why we support the project.

The book teaches third and fourth graders in an age-appropriate and playful way about the dangers of road traffic, teaches correct behavior, and prepares for the bicycle exam. They learn that traffic signs are to be observed, when a bicycle is roadworthy or why it makes sense to wear a safety helmet while cycling. They are also taught the correct behavior in the event of a traffic accident.

A digital learning success control shows the children whether they have correctly solved the tasks in the book. With the support of many local companies, the coloring and workbooks can be given out free of charge to primary school children in the city of Frankfurt. A commitment that we are very happy to join.

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